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PTA Program Mission Statement

The mission of the MDCC Physical Therapist Assistant Program is to prepare graduates to be highly competent entry-level physical therapist assistants able to work under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist, and who can serve the community by improving the quality of life of a diverse patient population.  The program has an unwavering commitment to evidence based on  contemporary practice, professionalism, ethical behavior, compassionate care, and life-long learning. 

Program Philosophy

The MDCC PTA program values the physical therapist assistant (PTA), as an extension of the physical therapist, helping to carry out the physical therapist plan of care. We will strive to train the PTA as a generalist in the field of physical therapy, in which the PTA will work under the supervision of the physical therapist.

The MDCC PTA program strives to prepare student physical therapist assistants to be well suited to treat clients from a continuum of care and believe that the personal ethics of the physical therapist assistant and all healthcare workers require certain inherent elements of character which include honesty, loyalty, understanding, and the ability to respect the rights and  dignity of others. We feel that personal ethics requires conscientious preparation during one’s academic years for professional duties and responsibilities.

The MDCC PTA faculty are committed to providing a curriculum based upon a broad spectrum of research, theory, function and life skills. We will train and educate the PTA to communicate in ways that are consistent and appropriate within the program, clinical environment, and community. It is the MDCC PTA program philosophy that a cornerstone to the educational process is the ability to critically think and use sound judgment. The faculty strive to train the PTA to be client caregivers, educator, client advocates consistent with the governing state laws in which they practice. Students are assessed and evaluated on an ongoing basis to assure procedural knowledge, as well as completion of performance indicator (CPI) with regards to safety and technical competencies.

Program Goals

  1. The MDCC PTA Program will graduate competent and professional entry-level physical therapist assistants able to work under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist.
  2. The MDCC PTA Program will produce graduates who can exhibit effective critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  3. The MDCC PTA Program will promote the importance lifelong learning and professional development through continued learning opportunities and membership in professional organizations.
  4. The MDCC PTA Program faculty will provide comprehensive evidence-based curriculum based on contemporary physical therapy practice within an atmosphere of academic excellence.
  5. The MDCC PTA Program will prepare graduates to be culturally competent professionals able to effectively communicate with patients, caregivers, and other healthcare providers. 

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