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Tuition and Fee Schedule by Term

Summer 2024
Spring 2024

Policy for Reduction of Institutional Charges

Reduction of institutional charges is based on total charges and not on the amount paid by the student. A student who officially withdraws from the college may obtain a reduction of college fees as follows:

  1. Matriculation Fee:
    1. 100% if official withdrawal is made within the first two weeks (full fall and spring semesters)
    2. No refund if enrollment extends two weeks beyond the opening date
  2. Club dues are non-refundable
  3. Board: 
    1. Beginning the second week of the semester and continuing through the fourth week of the semester, board fees will be reduced based on a weekly proration.
    2. After the fourth week of the semester no reduction of board fees will be made.
  4. Dorm room rent is non-refundable
  5. Students with absences resulting in missing over 10% of a special session or a summer session will not receive a refund. 


All students living in the residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan. Residential students will be required to present their ID to the cashier at each meal. All other meals will be served on a cash basis. Residential students who fail to present their ID will be required to pay cash. The regular meal plan will be for the Sunday evening to Friday brunch meals. 

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Viewing Student Account

Student account charges and transactions are available to all students 24/7 by accessing your online "MyBanner" account using the following instructions:

How to View Student Account
1. Go to the MDCC website,
2. Click on "MyDelta" at the top of the page
3. Log into MyDelta
4. Click on "My Banner"

5. Click on "Student"
6. Click on "Student Accounts"

If you have any questions about your account, please contact the Business Office at 662-246-6312.

Student Account Timeline

In order to keep our students informed, we have provided an estimated timeline of events that will affect student accounts. Please be aware that these dates are tentative and may change without notice.

 View the current Student Account Timeline.

Income Tax Intercept Appeal Process

The Mississippi income tax offset program allows educational systems to collect student debt that has previously been uncollectible. Since educational debt is unforgivable, a portion of an individual’s tax refund may be intercepted to repay this educational debt.

Based on the date of the notification sent by the Department of Revenue to the student, the student has 30 days to appeal the intercept.

The student bears the burden of proving that the tuition/fee charges are incorrect.

If a student wishes to appeal tuition/fee charges, he/she should submit a written appeal to the Business Office to Mississippi Delta Community College, Attn: Business Services, P.O. Box 668, Moorhead, MS 38761 to request a review of his/her student account. This written appeal should detail why the student believes that he/she should not owe a balance.

If the student did not receive financial aid during the semester in question and if the Business Office determines that the student may have a valid claim, the student may be directed to speak with the VP of Instruction to appeal his/her attendance for that semester. NOTE: If the student received any type of federal financial aid for the term in question, the student is ineligible to appeal the charges due to the time limitations of federal aid appeals.

The Business Office will remove charges only if it is confirmed that the student did not attend AND a change of grade form is processed through the admissions office.